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Say No To Procrastination: 16 Tools To Help You Be Productive

Aaah la Procrastination … or the art of putting everything off until tomorrow. May he who has never been a victim of it throw the first stone!
Whether you are a bit lazy by nature or find it difficult to complete all your planned tasks, this scourge touches you and you find it difficult to remedy it, like the majority of us.

The origin of this problem may be related to concentration problems or simply a lack of organization. Anyway, don’t panic, there are solutions to overcome procrastination!
Here are 16 tools to stop procrastinating and help you stay productive!

Project and task management tools:

Let’s start with the basics. To better organize yourself, whether in your private or professional life, start by planning your projects and breaking them down into tasks. Set yourself a deadline and prioritize your tasks according to their urgency or importance.
Dividing a big project into multiple small tasks will allow you to better visualize the whole and to become aware of the different stages to be followed to reach its completion. This will also greatly allow you to play down the situation and take things in hand little by little.
For that, nothing like:
Asana : Very complete, this tool is intended for a more professional public, for the management of multiple projects in team and an organization very detailed and flexible tasks.
Trello : Exactly the same principle, but simplified operation and presentation for less complex or personal projects
Any.do : a very intuitive and flexible free application to manage your daily to-do lists, both simple and efficient.

Tools for making your To Do List:

Nothing better to organize your ideas in his brain than to make to-do lists!
This allows you to clarify your ideas and not forget anything, while staying organized.
We recommend that you do this:
Tomorrow: a simple to-do list application that will allow you to stay focused on your priorities
Habitica : Notice to Gaming fans! This app with a concept at the very least original offers you to transform what – let’s face it – is a chore into a fun experience. Make your tasks a game and earn life points for each one completed. The more objectives you complete, the more you will be rewarded with coins, items or access to new levels. On the other hand, fail your missions and you will lose precious life points.

Organize your life:

We will not go through 4 paths for this one. Nothing beats a busy schedule to have peace of mind! We do not present it more, It is well:
< span style = "font-size: 14px; color: var (--e-global-color-text);"> Google calendar : Write down all your appointments and events, synchronize- them with your contacts, put yourself notes and reminders to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

To create notes and bring everything together in one place:

Have a real digital notebook, where you can keep all the information that is important to you and be sure not to lose anything. This will surely save you in efficiency and convenience! With:
Evernote : Keep everything in one place, your emails, your calendar and your notes in different formats – visual, voice …
Microsoft One note : For paper and pen lovers who still want to go digital, this complete app allows you to synchronize your notes with your contacts and manage them simply on a clean interface.

Manage your time differently

One of the causes of procrastination also lies in the fact of mismanaging your time, which often leads to disorganization. We scatter, we waste time and suddenly, we put it off until the next day! We suggest you limit this with these apps:
– Clockify: Top chrono! Start the stopwatch when you start working on a task and stop it when you move on. This allows you to see how long your tasks or projects are taking you.
– Desktime: This one allows you to measure the time spent on each application such as Facebook and others. Seeing how much time you’re wasting on distractions can also help you reason with yourself and get back on the right track.
– Focus Booster:
This app adapts the famous Pomodoro working method to your screens. According to the principle of its inventor, you should cut your working time in such a way that you take a 5-minute break after each 25-minute work session. Let the timer run and notify you of your break and work times and see for yourself if your productivity is improved!

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The tools to stay focused

Working in open space has its advantages … and its drawbacks! This includes the continuous noise of the coffee machine, colleagues telling each other the latest news of the day or music coming out of your neighbor’s headphones set clearly too loud. Noisy work environments are detrimental to our productivity. But they are not the only cause of this problem. Very often we find ourselves spending countless hours on our phone, on Facebook or Instagram when we should be working or doing something else!
So here are some apps that might help you with that:

– Focusbook: This app works on a very simple principle, keep you away from Facebook! As soon as you go to the social network, you receive less and less friendly notifications dissuading you from wasting your time on it and encouraging you to go back to work.
– Noisli: Say goodbye to noisy work environments and immerse yourself in your bubble thanks to this app which will distill sounds for you in the background to stay focused and zen … Everything is flexible according to your preferences.
– Forcedraft: A bit extreme but extremely effective. This writing tool blocks access to any other application until the goal you have set for yourself has been achieved. Nothing like that so as not to be disturbed.
– LeechBook: On the same principle, you can adjust which applications you allow access during your work session or, conversely, restrict your access to only certain apps or sites.
– Forest: Last but not least. This fun application makes a tree grow from the seed you planted at the start of the work session. If you exit the app your tree will no longer grow and will therefore have to start the process again. It’s up to you to stay focused if you want to see your beautiful tree grow!

We hope this article will help you find your happiness and address your procrastination problem. Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments what are your favorite tools to stay focused and productive!

Do you have your own idea for a mobile app that could potentially change the lives of millions of procrastinators? Come talk to us, we can help you realize your tailor-made project !!

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