Why make a mobile application?

The mobile application has become essential in 2021. To always be in touch with its customers, the mobile application is the must have of the digital strategy. To digitalize and continue your online activity, the mobile application can be a good way for you to represent your brand online.

How much does a mobile app really cost?

A mobile application can cost between 1,000 and 120,000 euros. It all depends on your client’s specifications. The nature of your application causes the final price to vary. But there is obviously the design, the functionalities that go into the total amount.

What are the important features of a mobile app?

The Push
Indoor Geolocation
The social connection
Contextual info
The interactions

What is custom software?

Custom software is software to think and create according to your needs and with you. We are at a time when mass production is required, so to personalize your services and your customer relationship. This is your opportunity to increase your income by using out-of-the-box software.

Difference between business software and custom software?

Business software is a set of programs that serve a task. We also speak of software package (contraction of “product” and “software”). The software package is standard software available on the market, while the specific software is tailor-made, according to the customer’s wishes. Thus, a pro software is composed of several software.

What technologies are used for mobile applications and custom software?

Mobile application technology is diverse. Native applications are made for these different operating systems:

– At Apple,
– Android at Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Sony, Xiaomi, Wiko, Honor,
– Windows Phone from Microsoft,
– BlackBerry OS

It groups together the different types of language:
For mobile apps we use the javascript language – the React Native framework
A hybrid mobile application is developed in HTML5 and is halfway between the web app and the native.

The technologies used in the creation of software and mobile applications are numerous.

In the technologies of tomorrow we will have:
– ReactNativedfrom Facebook,
– Google Flutter,
– Apple NativeScript

The technologies launched by Facebook make it possible to generate native code.

What is the methodology of Adopte un Soft?

Adopte un Soft is your digital partner in the creation of tailor-made software and mobile applications. It is thanks to our expertise and our technology that we can offer you quality web products. Adopting a software is above all creating software that will meet your needs. From audit software to real estate application, together we create digital solutions that will meet your expectations.

What are the most used software?

ERPs are the most widely used software in business. Here is a list by topic:

– Stock management software
– Commercial management software (unCRM)
– Cash register software (for traders)
– Rental management software (for real estate professionals)
– Invoicing software