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The end of web developers?

The end of web developers? The expansion of no code.

For several years now, we have been hearing about this new movement which has gained momentum in the world of web development and which would compete with the good old coding. If you still haven’t guessed what it is we are going to talk about No code.

And to guide us on the subject we welcome Micka from the ITDM Group agency.


1: 10 Definition of the code no.

2: 00 No code and low code, what’s the link?

2:45 How would you define the no code to your grandmother?

NO Code Market:

3:23 What is the role of a no encoder? Can we call him a web developer?

4:20 How to get started in no code, what skills does it involve?

5: 55 What are the platforms that will be used to create a No code project?

7: 20 Can we make tailor-made with no code?

8: 40 The limits of the No code

9:50 Does no code really compete with coding?

11: 00 On what types of projects can we use the no code?

11:35 So let’s talk budget, how much does the no code cost? How do you monetize a no code project?

12:40 How to get started in web development?

1:45 PM What is a typical day like for a real web developer?

4:00 PM What are your greatest successes in web development?

17: 20 Ideas received on the no code.

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