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The digital revolution in your mobile phone

Also called a web app, it is becoming essential for many users to simplify an often busy daily life and a life at 200 km / h. Global mobile app revenue is expected to reach $ 139 billion by the end of 2021.
In 2020, mobile games reach 56% market share. During the current health crisis, there has been an explosion in the use of different applications like Tiktok.

On the business side, they have had to adapt and innovate to continue their online activity. And what better than the mobile application to adapt to the new digital needs of consumers.
First, let’s remember what a mobile application is, not to be confused with the mobile site. The mobile app is available and downloadable from the Android Store or the Apple store. Thus, the web app is pocket software! Simple, practical, they have become essential in our daily life. From the app for ordering your evening meal to the app that scans the barcode of a beauty product to see its composition, everything is simpler and faster. So what are the news for 2021 in terms of web applications?


The Fossil brand has understood this, it is innovation that makes all the difference in standing out from the increased competition. Launched in mid-December, this app lets you try on your watches on your wrist without leaving the house. In short, your home store in the greatest of comforts. It allows users to virtually test a brand model on their wrist on multiple channels including Fossil.com and the Watch Station platform.

« Made for You » , the new generation T-shirt

Amazon presented a new product called “Made for You” in mid-December. This application will allow you to design your own T-shirt from A to Z.
Size, material, color, everything is designed so that this t-shirt looks like no other!
This innovative technology is interesting since Amazon will think beyond what textile professionals offer. Indeed, this personalized product is tailor-made and to be used in real time.

Coopits your traveling companion

This app can work independently or with Waze and can send real-time traffic information to drivers without the driver having a connected vehicle. This application supports drivers and gives them the information they need for an adapted and optimal driving experience. The user has the possibility of reporting problems related to traffic, parking concerns and possible accidents. Much of the data is anonymous which encourages the user to make reports discreetly. The purpose of this application is to promote intelligent and cooperative transport.

Watch all your YouTube videos in advanced virtual reality from the comfort of your headset in this app that creates a YouTube home screen in a 3D dimension. This application enables a user experience which is better and more qualitative in terms of image.

IKEA Place allows you to visualize IKEA products in 3D. Visualization takes place at real scale in your space. This application brings together a wide range of products sold by the Swedish giant: cabinets, tables, sofas and chairs. The point is to help you better visualize in your interior the size, design and functionality of the different pieces of furniture.

Calm your sleep ally

Designed to reduce your stress and fight anxiety, one of the first factors of your sleepless nights, this app will help you get restful sleep. Guided meditations, a sleep history, adapted breathing programs and playlists of relaxing music, all to optimize your sleep and keep you performing well every day.

Finally we have all seen it well in recent months the mobile application has revolutionized our daily lives. Become essential for many of us, it helps us to be a better actor in our daily life, as well in the planning of this one as in the simplification of the tasks. For companies, in 2021, it has become essential to digitize its activities in order to be able to adapt to market trends, and more and more brands are turning to the mobile application which is the alternative par excellence to be in in the hands and pockets of the majority of consumers.

Do you also want to develop your mobile application?

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