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Renting your mobile application, a good deal or a scam?

Renting your mobile application, a good deal or a scam?

Mobile apps have become essential for most brands.
Indeed, the web presence has become vital for a company wishing to continue its online activity and highlight its services and products. The many promises to gain visibility and customers from the first month of the launch of its mobile application are a myth.
Reality is is that there is an easy way for companies to make their digital transition by creating or renting a mobile application.

So rental or tailor-made creation, what formula is made for you?

The creation of your mobile application

When you launch your mobile application the most frequent error is to compare its product with another already installed on the market for several years. Indeed, when launching this application there will be few users, which can be frustrating and be a sign of poor profitability of the app. But, the real added value is to bring the greatest value to a small number of clients. So, it is no longer a question of having the objective of obtaining 1 million users. Drawing inspiration from a digital strategy that is not yours is risky and counterproductive, because capital and human resources are not the same. So by setting goals achievable when creating your application, you can conquer your future users.

Mobile application rental?

Before embarking on mobile application rental, assess the advantages / disadvantages for your brand by taking into account the following different criteria:

  • A subscription to pay each month. 
  • Short term commitment
  • Possibility of developing your applications over time and changing formulas if they do not meet your expectations.
  • Application that belongs to you for a limited time.
  • Who knows what you’ll do tomorrow. The needs and the market are constantly evolving, renting your mobile application can be an alternative to ephemeral businesses that do not rely all their digital strategy on their mobile application.
  • Short-lived benefits that can reassure brands that are just starting out.

Custom creation of mobile application

A tailor-made app is a long-term and lasting commitment:

  • Ownership of the data.
  • Full control over creation and deployment.
  • Adaptable and adjustable according to the market.
  • Unique long-lasting creation that ensures a permanent presence on the web. Involves regular updates. 
  • An optimization of the customer experience, because the application is personalized to the image of the brand.
  • The tailor-made mobile application is a formula that is suitable for so-called “standard” companies, but also for new 4.0 companies offering innovative services.
  • It requires a long-term investment, it is a  commitment.

Creating your tailor-made application means bringing your brand history to life over time and across generations. Your brand is unique and that’s why you deserve a unique and sustainable web product.

Finally, in the case of rental or tailor-made creation, the choice is to be made according to your long-term strategic objectives. The tailor-made strategy is more impactful for brands wishing to highlight their Branding. The rental of mobile applications reassures in terms of attractive price.

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