Transport software

OTTARI is a complete management system for transport, assisted by artificial intelligence!

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Tailor-made creation

System which allows to manage both the HR part such as permits, drivers (spoken language, administrative management), trucks as well as their maintenance via a mapping and a rapid dispatching system. It is also possible to manually encode transport files very quickly on a tablet. We have also created an interconnection

with our in-house produced system which is easyEDI. This allows the use of EDI. Use of a system of intelligent filters in order to dispatcher by region and by sector knowledge to a very distinct person. Possibility of tracking transport traceability and thus managing air, sea and rail transport.

Planning and mapping

Smart dispatch

Reduced preparation times

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Result obtained: Very fast return on investment with a 100% truck fill rate. All this thanks to better visibility and never empty truck returns.

Need to save time on your deliveries?

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