Podcast: The Importance of UI and UX in the creation of a mobile application

Today the era of “mobile first” encourages more and more companies to embark on the creation of mobile applications. Indeed, intuitive, practical, they have become a must for many users on a daily basis. But then we can ask the following legitimate question: What are the best practices to adopt in terms of mobile applications?

Find the expertise of Pierre Fritsch from the Impact Positif , a UX designer agency that guides and advises their clients through the creation of tailor-made user experiences.

Contents :

Definition & amp; differences between UI and UX – 03:30 min
The role of a UX designer – 05:15 min
The importance of UI and UX in the digital strategy of a mobile application – 07:12 min
How to optimize a mobile application – 08:25 min
What are the best practices to have to boost your mobile application from launch? – 10:00 min
What is a typical day for a UX designer – 11:30 min
What are the 2021 UX trends for mobile applications – 13:20 min
How to hire a UI / UX designer – 15 : 05 min
What are the profiles of mobile application buyers – 16:50 min
Misconceptions – 19:20 min

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